Hello everyone, welcome to the . The pool will be $ per square.  There will be 100 squares for sale.  With $ per square there will be $ sent back out.  There will be 63 games, so 63 chances to win. You will get ONE set of numbers per square for all 63 games. It will break down like this:

Payout Breakdown

1st Round $
2nd Round $
Sweet 16 $
Elite 8 $
Final 4 $
Championship $

How to determine the winners

Buying Squares

Number of squares left:

If you would like to participate, fill out the information below and "Submit" the form.  Please provide a valid email address as confirmation and payment information will be emailed to you.  If you buy multiple squares and want different names on them, please indicate that in the comments box.  Payment can be made by Paypal, SquareCash, check, or cash.  If paying by check, the address to send the check to will be listed on the confirmation page and email. All squares are assigned randomly.

The squares will be first come/first served.  I will post frequent updates on how it is filling up.

Thanks, and Good Luck!

With this pool I am not promoting gambling, just trying to add a little extra rooting interest for the tournament.  If there are any problems that come up with the legality of this, it will be shut down and the money returned.  Once again, this is not for profit, just something being provided for friends, family, and fellow fans of UConn and Syracuse basketball and football.